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About Us

Created by a team with more restaurant experience than you can shake a pig at Smoke Fire & Coal are excited to bring a different dining experience to Bozeman that we are sure you will love.

Eat Your Heart Out Arby's

We know meat and after you're done, so will you. From brisket to bacon we've got the smoker working overtime. Made with fire and love these dishes were voted most likely to succeed in high school.

Salads your boyfriend will eat

From lighter flair to hearty and healthy we have some amazing rabbit food that will send everyone home happy.

Sandwiches so good they are influencers on Instagram

We know our way around a chicken.

Step 1:
Remove feathers.

Step 2:
make it delicious! We're proud of these and you'll love them too.

Make sure to take a photo and send it to your ex so they know what a mistake they made.


Michael Buck
Michael Buck